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Frequent Answers & Questions (FAQ)

Money Saving Tips

  1. Centerpieces: A current trend is to go with a smaller flower arrangement. This will save on your flower budget. You can also go with a simple candle centerpiece to save even more.

  2. Favors: Most Weddings today don't even have favors for their guests. If you must have a favor, go with something your guests will use. Too many times, the favor is left on the table at the end of the night, because the guest doesn't want the item.

  3. Open Bar: With today's economy, it's rare to have an open bar. Open Bar is the biggest budget buster for any event. The money you save on an open bar, will free up monies from your budget to get that Photographer you really wanted, and afford Great Entertainment with added Decor.

Helpful Hints

  1. Bridal Gown Bustle: One of the most common delays at a Reception is getting the Brides Gown bustled. If your gown has a bustle, have two people in charge of doing this. Have them practice bustling the dress at least three times that morning. This way it can be done quickly and correctly.

  2. Gifts and Cards: There is always a family member that wants to help. Appoint someone to be in charge to bring all gifts and cards back to the house. This will save time at the end of your reception.

  3. Being on Time: If you are going to shoot some Bridal formals before the ceremony, it's important that everyone be on time. Check with your photographer. Also, it's important that everyone in the Bridal Party goes directly to the reception site, after the ceremony photo session is finished. Many times someone stops somewhere, and they don't make it in time for the introductions.